Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Trade-In Value Of My Device: How much is My Phone Worth?

How many times have you wondered “how much is my phone worth?” Well, this is a question that bothers a lot of us when we try to begin the journey of trading the phone and often, we drop out the idea of selling it simply because we don’t know how much it is worth. Whether you are hungry for new technology or want to make room for some new things in your drawer where your old phone is sitting, then trading-in is the best thing that you can do. However, the dilemma is determining how much you can get for your phone.

Fortunately, the process of determining your phone’s worth is quite easy. All you need is to do some homework, follow some tips and check its price by Phone Price Checker. If you want to know the ways to check the worth of your device, we have rounded up some easy ways to help you get the process done smoothly. Read on and thank us later!


Ways to Determine the Worth of Your Phone:

#1: Device Appraisal Questionnaires:

The first and the best way to find the worth of your device is by appraising your device on online appraisal questionnaires.  These questionnaires that are available online can help you in figuring out the cost of your phone. It’s just like a quiz and you have to answer the questions honestly. Once, you have finished a series of “YES” or “NO” questions, a proposed value of your device would be shown that can be very useful in determining the worth of your phone.

#2: Phone Trading Programs:

There are also the device trading programs powered by some online device recycling companies that can trade-in the device for cash, based on its condition and your answers. If you choose to trade-in and donate, you will receive a prepaid shipping package to mail the device back in. Your device would be evaluated and then, you will receive a wireless gift to your account.

#3: Try the Local Market:

There are a number of shops in phone markets that buy old phones to sell them at cheaper rates. You can visit those shops as well to get to know the price of your phone.

Don’t allow your old phones to sit in your drawers. Get the worth of your phone by using the above ways and make money and room for your new phone. For more info, keep visiting our Facebook page and site.

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