Friday, 24 November 2017

Google Pixel Buds review

The Google Pixel Buds are the first headphones manufactured by Google. They come with a number of enticing features that we will take a look at below.

The Google Pixel Buds Design

These earbuds come in a clamshell enclosure that feels a bit like the Google Home Mini. They are easy to remove but needs a specific procedure to be put back in. You will probably have to refer to the manual to get it right.

As soon as the Pixel Buds are removed from the case, they start searching for a device to connect. Similar to the AirPods, they do not have an ON/OFF button. The earbuds rest gently in the outer ear and don’t slide into your ear canal, which allows noise from the outside world to slip into the mix of your music.

These earbuds operate via touch and voice control but only the right earbud can do this. To pause, play or to pick up a call, a tap once on the plastic exterior. A forward swipe will raise the volume and the reverse motion does the opposite. If you want to check in on your notifications double tap exterior.


The Pixel Buds perform quite well and the quality at the full most volume is quite impressive. Google says these earbuds can last for about five hours and this was true during the tests done. The case can charge the earbuds for another 24 hours so rest assured you are not going to have dead earbuds at any point.

The coolest feature is the integration with Google Translate. The user speaks in his or her native language into headphones and the Translate app automatically spits it out of the Pixel phone’s speaker in the desired language. On the opposite side, it can decode another language spoken into the phone and translate them to the user’s language through the Pixel Buds.

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